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If you’re planning on hitting the slopes this winter and want to make sure you’re entering the best backcountry with the best equipment, consider a set of backcountry ski bindings for your backcountry skis.

Backcountry skiing can be a risky activity since you’re traveling away from the ski lift. As such, you want to be sure you’ve got the best tools for the job. That’s where backcountry ski bindings come in.

These bindings are highly specialized to your backcountry skis. They are designed to enhance the safety of your backcountry journey, to give you more comfort, and to make your gear last longer for a better overall experience.

Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski BindingsBest OverallSalomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski Bindings
G3 ION 10 BindingBudget PickG3 ION 10 Binding

1. Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski Bindings

Our rating: 9 / 10

Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski Bindings

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  • Lateral and fore/aft movement radiuses of 32.5 and 9.2 degrees, respectively
  • Features a two-way release if your ski is slightly caught in an M&M and you need to pull a leg out
  • Has a range of adjustment for the best possible fit
  • 4 Micro-adjustable notches
  • High performance and lightweight aluminum Buckle


  • Might be too complex for first timers
  • May need to adjust if you switch back and forth between skis

Certain ski and snowboard bindings these days are a bit complex to get going. Fortunately, the Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC binding isn’t one of those, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem learning how to put it on and take it off.

This is the best binding for backcountry skiers on a budget.

2. G3 ION 10 Binding

Our rating: 4 / 10

G3 ION 10 Binding

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  • Fits on most ski boots with ease
  • Provides ample support
  • Good for walking around on slopes in town or on the resort

This ski binding is a great option if you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable binding. With the release of the ION 9, you can now have a removable brake. The ION 10 comes with the ION 9’s soft and hard ankle straps, but it also comes with the best tongue design for the past 3 years.

You will get better control in the heel and toe area compared to other bindings in their class. It comes with dual-injected construction in the shin area for greater control and support.

G3 kept skiers in mind when making this binding by using compatible boot mounting plates. It is compatible with both G3 and Look bindings.


If you are a beginner backcountry skier, then you will probably want to know a few things about your backcountry ski bindings in order to ensure that you are not sacrificing safety for convenience. After all, one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is feeling out of control. That said, there are three things that you have to be considering the quality, safety, and multi-functionality of your backcountry ski bindings. This article will talk about each in detail.

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Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski BindingsBest OverallSalomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski Bindings
G3 ION 10 BindingBudget PickG3 ION 10 Binding