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After many years of experience in the ski world, I know a thing or two about skis, boots, ski gloves, ski goggles, helmets, buffs, and other winter sports accessories.

If you want to challenge steep slopes and thick snow, you have to get the best freestyle ski boots with the perfect fit and design to meet your needs without sacrificing any comfort or performance. For skiers, finding the best freestyle ski boots is the first step to getting out on the mountain. These are the ones that made our list!

Dalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski BootBest OverallDalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski Boot
Salomon S/Pro 120 Mens Ski BootsBudget PickSalomon S/Pro 120 Mens Ski Boots

1. Dalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski Boot

Our rating: 9 / 10

Dalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski Boot

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  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Great fit
  • Laces are efficient and easy to use
  • Nice traction
  • This boot is comfortable beyond its price
  • Toe Box is roomy and fits all sized feet
  • Perfect for both entry and novice level skiers
  • Affordable price


  • The boot is a little bulky
  • The sizing might be a bit small
  • Not very flashy

Black, Size 8.0, M

Dalbello Sports is a popular brand in the ski world for ski boots and like all its products, this boot is high quality and great for entry level skiers. It is a perfect match for those who require affordable ski boots without compromising on the quality.

This boot is lightweight and comfortable; it can fit anyone from beginner skiers to experts and has a nice, good fit.

2. Full Tilt Classic Pro Ski Boots

Our rating: 8 / 10

Full Tilt Classic Pro Ski Boots

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  • Boot flex is very flexible
  • Anti-balling plates that are easy to clean
  • Walk mode
  • Classic pro skate and classic mode
  • Support


  • Lacking feature for ski boots
  • Toe is stiff and hard

Full Tilt’s Classic Pro ski boots come in 1, 2, 4, and 5 E sizes. The boots have a very flexible feel that makes it responsive. The boots feature the power transfer bar and the walking mode for the telescoping walk buckle. For you to obtain an excellent response on the skis, these are a great choice for you. For you to get the best from the boots, you have to ensure that there is no pressure in the boot.

The toe of the boots is very stiff and hard, making it uncomfortable. The boots also lack the features other ski boots have. The weight also is an issue to look out for.

The Classic boots provide great support to the ankle, enabling you to move cool in the boots. The only drawback of the boots is that they have a higher maintenance cost, and they are usually in high demand.

3. Salomon S/Pro 120 Mens Ski Boots

Our rating: 7 / 10

Salomon S/Pro 120 Mens Ski Boots

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  • Affordable price
  • Good sizing
  • Fits well for various weather conditions

The Salomon S/Pro is a great boot for the recreational skier who doesn’t need to pole himself down the mountain. They’re not meant for experts, but if you’re a beginner you can’t beat the price. So if you’re looking for a cheap pair of boots that won’t make you look like a klutz on the slopes, swinging your pole in front of you like an idiot, then the Salomon S/Pro is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best park ski boots?

Park Ski boots utilize a rigid shell designed for all-mountain freestyle all terrain skiing, which is ideal for aggressive skiing. All-Mountain Freestyle or freeride boots are usually stiffer and higher priced for the enhanced performance of a wide range of freestyle skiing terrain. This type of boot provides better power, increased comfort and increased control. If you want to improve your freestyle skiing ability, this is the most important boot for you to get.

Max Performance Ski Boots are designed to give the best balance of performance and comfort, with a little less power or responsiveness than other boots. They may be less rigid and stiffer than the Park Ski boots, but they still offer great all-around performance for handling power, stability and response. They are great for all types of both freestyle and all-mountain skiing.

What are freestyle ski boots?

Freestyle ski boots are designed as an alternative to the beginner boot. They’re designed to give you more maneuverability along with a lower price point. Although they’re still very comfortable and great for first time skiers. There are three main types of freestyle boots: traditional lace, easy entry and CFX.

What are the best ski boots for intermediate skiers?

As a general rule all the best ski boots will have the following:

  • Die struck shell
  • Fiberglass and Resin keepers
  • Polyurethane liner held together with metal speed hooks
  • Animal free materials
  • Icing, comfort and energy absorbing material in the tongue
  • Extension and custom fitting options

What are the best freestyle skis?

The best freestyle ski boots depend entirely on the needs of the skier. For example, an older toddler may not be able to utilize all the features more advanced skiers want.


A good freestyle ski boot provides a secure and comfortable fit for freeskiers of all abilities with a wide range of foot types. It should also provide the perfect level of ankle mobility to afford maximum maneuverability, a high degree of control, and precise edge-control. Read on for your options when choosing the best boot for your needs and budget.

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Dalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski BootBest OverallDalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski Boot
Salomon S/Pro 120 Mens Ski BootsBudget PickSalomon S/Pro 120 Mens Ski Boots