The Best Low Light Ski Goggles

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Few sports require the use of protective equipment as much as skiing. Whether you’re a racer or just someone that loves to spend a weekend at the slopes, you’re going to need to keep your eyes safe.

A good pair of winter sports goggles is the best way to keep your eyes safe while you’re on the ski slopes. Still, there are countless models on the market today, and they all have features that can be quite confusing. If you’re shopping for goggles this winter, don’t settle for just any pair.

We’ve created this list of the best winter sports goggles for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for protection from the sun or just the cold, we have something to keep you looking good while you’re out on the slopes.

Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,Best OverallOakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,
OutdoorMaster Meander Ski GogglesBudget PickOutdoorMaster Meander Ski Goggles
Smith Squad Snow GoggleUpgrade PickSmith Squad Snow Goggle

1. Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,

Our rating: 9 / 10

Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,

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  • Unique quick release function for Lens interchangeability
  • Great for sunny skies and light cloudy days
  • Greater Field of View (FOV) than some other goggles
  • NIke Fit System ensures a great fit
  • Ready to use right out of the package
  • Even if you don’t want to change lenses you can still use the Flight Deck without the two lenses which you can purchase separately.
  • Highly durable and handy for various winter sports
  • Designed with the convenience of interchangeable lenses
  • This is the best model for low visibility in snow conditions


  • Not recommended for persons with narrow faces
  • This is not the best model for skiing at night

For newbies, these ski goggles may seem expensive. But if you consider the quality and long-term use of this device it is slightly more cost-effective than other models.

These are really great shades, and they’re comfortable and stylish so they’ll not only protect your eyes and face, but also look great.

2. OutdoorMaster Meander Ski Goggles

Our rating: 8 / 10

OutdoorMaster Meander Ski Goggles

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  • The goggles are comfortable and can be worn for hours
  • Accommodates many different helmets
  • Anti-Fog
  • UV protective
  • Includes a carrying bag


  • The lenses do not have a tint
  • Some lenses may fit a little bit loosely

Skiing and snowboarding may not seem like a huge deal as it is an activity that many of us can do. The OutdoorMaster goggles are super fashionable and will keep your face warm and protected from the sun.

They come with two lenses that you can switch out if you want to. The goggles have anti-fog technology and they are UV protective. The lenses feature a cylindrical-flat style which means a larger field of view. A large reason to wear these gloves is that you will be able to wear them with goggles that are helmet compatible.

3. Smith Squad Snow Goggle

Our rating: 6 / 10

Smith Squad Snow Goggle

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  • Goggles are extremely easy to adjust and mould to your face
  • Goggles are durable
  • Chromapop lens makes for clear vision in all conditions
  • Extra lens is great for snow-bright days or if you get snow in your goggles
  • Extra lens is a great low-light lens
  • Double pane lens ensures fog-free vision
  • Several colors available to choose from
  • Goggles are impact resistant
  • Goggles do not fog
  • Comes with a soft goggle bag to store away between uses or to protect from scratches


  • Lens changes can be expensive
  • Does not come in other lens tints
  • Anti-fog coating is smudged easily
  • Extra lens tends to get distorted

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best ski goggles for low light?

I adore my Smith I/O’s for riding in low light. They’re so amazing that they were voted All-mountain winner of Backcountry’s Favorite Everything! I also love the K2 Larkspur’s.

What is the best goggle lens for low light?

How do I choose the best goggle lens for low light conditions? It’s nice to have different lenses for different lighting conditions, but that might be overkill if you just want a single goggle that is perfect for sunny and cloudy conditions.

The easiest way to assess the lumen level of lenses is to check out the lens tint. Some lenses are so dark, they will stand out in direct sunlight. This isn’t the best goggle for night skiing. You’ll want to make sure your goggles have a tint that is best for cloudy days, but also eye-catching enough to see in the sunlight.

What is the best color for ski goggles?

For skiing or snowboarding you’ll want goggles that give you the best visibility possible. Choose a pair that will offer high ultraviolet (UV) protection. Black framed goggles with a tint will offer the best visibility, but if you’re sensitive to high-contrast glare, grey or blue lenses will provide similar protection.

What goggles are best for night skiing?

Regular ski goggles are not designed to be worn in low light conditions. However, there are some brands that are designed specifically for low-light conditions. These brands will usually offer special features like IR protection.

Here are some examples of reputable ski goggles for low light conditions: Smith I/OX, Dragon NFX, Anon G10, Bern Bolle Tincool, Smith Hustle, Spy REVO.

Remember, one of the most important factors in skiing goggles are the lens quality, not whether or not they’re polarized.


I've used quite a few pairs, and I've tried all kinds of ski goggles for snowboarding as well. In this article, we try and answer some of the most frequent questions directed at us in the hope that it will help you in the decision-making process.

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Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,Best OverallOakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,
OutdoorMaster Meander Ski GogglesBudget PickOutdoorMaster Meander Ski Goggles
Smith Squad Snow GoggleUpgrade PickSmith Squad Snow Goggle