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The search for your perfect pair of mogul skis can be both fun and frustrating. With a range of options available from so many top brands, the challenge lies in finding a pair that will offer the perfect blend of grip and performance you’re after. If your needs are more specialised than the average skier -which is likely if you're into mogul skiing- , then this makes the task even harder.

If you’re looking for the best mogul skis out there, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the perfect solution to your winter needs, no matter what they are!

K2 Press SkisBest OverallK2 Press Skis
Rossignol Experience 80 CI SkisBudget PickRossignol Experience 80 CI Skis
Volkl Kendo SkisUpgrade PickVolkl Kendo Skis

1. K2 Press Skis

Our rating: 9 / 10

K2 Press Skis

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  • These skis are very versatile
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Offer excellent value for the price
  • The skis are durable
  • Lighter compared to other skis
  • They handle moguls comfortably
  • You can conveniently carry them
  • The skis will give you a comfortable ride

One of the things you’ll notice right away upon taking these skis out of their box is the way that they’re designed. These skis, while they obey the traditional universals of skis, are also very uniquely designed. K2 has managed to blend the best of contemporary skis with the best of classic skis for a result that is above and beyond what you might expect from this type of equipment. Thanks to being molded over they have just the right flexibility to bend the right way when skiing moguls.

The result is something that has very steep tips and tails, letting you tuck with ease to negotiate uneven terrain. They ski on snow so easily that you’ll even feel comfortable taking them down a bit of a steeper slope. They are just the right amount of flexible, making it very easy to handle them. Making it one of the best backcountry & mogul skis.

2. Volkl Kendo Skis

Our rating: 8 / 10

Volkl Kendo Skis

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  • When paired with Marker bindings the Kendo skis makes moguls a really fun experience even for beginners
  • Able to keep their speed really well
  • The narrower waist is an improvement from last year’s model and that’s what makes this set of skis perfect for moguls
  • The improved flex gives more stability and better control
  • Decent weight, so if you’re worried of stability, don’t be.


  • It is a little bit pricey
  • Design might not appeal to some people

The Volkl Kendo skis are a rockstar ski with metal sheet composite laminate which offers a nice power and feeling in the ski. And the wonderfully tuned flex makes moguls less scary. And anyone can learn to ski moguls in the Kendo skis.

The Volkl Kendo skis come with a tailored waist it makes it easier to get into the masses and gives you a solid balance.

3. K2 Mindbender Skis

Our rating: 7 / 10

K2 Mindbender Skis

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  • Skis come in two different widths, regular and wide
  • Reasonably lightweight for skis of their size
  • Affordable price for what you get
  • Cores are made from fir and aspen wood, which helps absorb vibrations
  • Great for users of all levels and ages
  • Legendary design


  • Slightly flexy tips cause a bit of chatter on icy runs
  • Could be considered a little on the heavy side by some

K2 is known for making some of the best skis in the business. These skis are exceptional with respect to high performance and stunning design.

With a wide range of ski lengths there is a model for everyone. Featuring a fir and aspen wood construction, these skis have a fluted core to further boost performance and enhance stability on all terrains.

Coming with a widths of 108mm, you can select the ideal ski for you from this impressive collection to use all around the mountain and particularly on the moguls run.

4. Rossignol Experience 80 CI Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

Rossignol Experience 80 CI Skis

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  • It’s a great price for the kind of tech they’re offering here
  • Rossignol equipment is known for their great quality so you can rest assured that this is an investment worth making

When the Rossignol Experience 80CI is on your feet, you’ll be looking at a pair of skis that’s easy to maneuver and will make skiing down challenging runs feel like second nature.

These skis may not be good if you like to freestyle jump in the park as the rocker tip could potentially get in the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of skis are best for moguls?

Mogul skis are perfect for the unique strokes and turns you need to master while on those icy moguls. Wide powder skis are better for deep, untouched powder. But when it comes to moguls you need to focus on the right radius designation in order to make the sharp turns mogul skiing requires. As you bounce down the mountain, the tips are designed to slide and rotate to maneuver around the bumps. Also, a good pair of skis – ideally, a higher flex ski – will absorb the shock of the bumps to reduce the “bounce back” that occurs when you hit the moguls. This will help to ensure that your body is balanced, causing you to fly in a straight line down the mountain as opposed to teeter-tottering from side to side.

Are shorter skis better for moguls?

Understandably, you’d think shorter skis are better for moguls based on their smaller surface area. But the height of your ski is another important factor. Your center of gravity is higher than the tip and all of your weight is concentrated on the top of your ski. All this has an effect on the radius of the turns you can make. And you're going to want to take short radius turns. Shorter skis turn easier, so the answer is usually yes.

What length skis for moguls?

Depending on your own height, weight, ability level, and experience you might want a different ski than your friend. If you’re at the beginning of your skiing adventure, decide if you would like to start with a shorter or longer ski. Think about your skill level and body size as well as what you're going to use the skis for. Short, wider skis will make it easier to maneuver in the moguls, but you’ll encounter more drag with a high amount of surface area to the snow on open groomed runs. Longer, narrower skis are helpful at high speeds, but they require extra skill to negotiate the mountain. Think about how you’ll feel after a day on the mountain and what your current skill level is and decide what length ski is best for your needs. However, if mogul skiing is your main goal, then shorter skis are in order for you.

What is the best brand of skis?

This is a loaded question. It depends on what you’re looking for. There’s no clear answer here, but the following may offer some context. There's a difference in focus for what purposes ski manufacturers create their products. You will rarely see an Atomic ski in a moguls competition, while K2 skis barely ever show up on the podium of downhill races. There's no universal answer to this question.


Mogul skiing is a fast growing sport. It’s great for training park and pipe tricks, for challenging your balance in the air, and for great cardio and leg workouts. We’ve put this list together to try and help you determine which moguls skis are best for your own personal needs. There are a number of considerations to make like your experience level, the quality of the groomed snow, the skis’ construction, size, and what you’re looking to get out of your session.

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K2 Press SkisBest OverallK2 Press Skis
Rossignol Experience 80 CI SkisBudget PickRossignol Experience 80 CI Skis
Volkl Kendo SkisUpgrade PickVolkl Kendo Skis