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We created this review to help you find the best park skis. Performance and durability are the most important factors for a great park set of skis. View our top 6 picks to find the best park skis for your style of riding. We have explained what key things you need to look for in a park set of skis and we have also listed some other things to think about.

If you want sharp, solid, and smooth skis for your park riding, you’ll find our list below.

Fischer Nightstick Skis MensBest OverallFischer Nightstick Skis Mens

1. Fischer Nightstick Skis Mens

Our rating: 9 / 10

Fischer Nightstick Skis Mens

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  • The Nightstick Skis provide a quality level of distribution and all-mountain performance. They are for the realskiers who are looking for a balance of performance in park conditions and off-piste.
  • The Nightstick is a great park ski. It has a great power transmission that sets it apart from competitors.
  • The Jib Rocker is a unique technology that is not found in any other models. It provides ultimate control and forgiveness. You will enjoy the combination of strong edge edge-hold, a progressive rocker and correct flex.
  • The Fischer Nightstick is a binding for all-mountain skiers who like to make use of all the park exits.
  • One of the best park skis and ideal for beginners.
  • Unmatched control at any speed.
  • Compared to other skis of the category this skis performs extremely well on the piste.
  • Very lightweight for a 7.9 cm wide ski.
  • The Fischer Nightstick will give you high-end stability and a balanced distribution between soft snow and harder snow.
  • Soft and comfortable ride.

2. Armada ARV 96 Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

Armada ARV 96 Skis

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  • Revolutionary Full Box Construction with Titanium Layer Technology
  • Park and Pow style with two unique colors
  • Unique rocker in the tip and tail
  • The triple camber under foot
  • It has been rated as one of the fastest park skis in the world
  • It provides a comfortable, forgiving ride
  • It is very stable at high speeds
  • It is suitable for varials, flips, spins, and loops
  • Varied terrain and difficult conditions won’t slow it down
  • The Sidecut:


  • It is a little too heavy to be a great option for ski touring
  • It is not a good option for those who want to carve medium-sized turns

Armada’s team of engineers spent a lot of time focusing on how to create a ski that opens up the world of extreme skiing to a bigger audience.

The ARV 96 offers the performance of high-end skis available to a wider audience for half the cost.

The ski has an excellent turn radius and surprising stability. This ski is one of the quickest and most stable park skis on the market.

3. ARMADA ARW 86 Womens Skis 2020-170cm

Our rating: 6 / 10

ARMADA ARW 86 Womens Skis 2020-170cm

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The brand ARMADA is mostly used for expert skiers. If you want to get into a professional sport and have some spare cash then these women’s park ski boots are the way to go.

First off, they look great. They’re mostly white and grey with a little orange. They’re nicely molded with a nice texture that seems rather high-quality. They’re not the easiest to clean, but they’re still high-quality.

They also fit nicely. I went one size up from my usual 11.5 size. I normally wear a 10.5 or 11.5 so I opted for size 12. They fit nicely. They seem to have a good medium-arch support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best park skis?

Park skis are the Swiss Army knife of skis! Great for back country skiing, but also super fun to take to the park or a backyard hill. These skis come with skibindings and can be taken on the lift. So they’re almost as versatile as the backcountry skis, but can be played with a lot more easily. Hiking boots and hiking pole bindings can also be used for free-heel touring. Just click your skibinding into your hiking boot instead of your ski.

Are shorter skis better for Park?

Absolutely! Shorter skis are ideal for park skiing because they are easier to navigate and make getting up after you fall easier as well. On longer skis it’s easy to get your ski caught under your leg as you go to get up and you can end up hurting yourself. Ski length is really more of a personal preference. But I would recommend an average ski length of 190 cm or 5’11” for freestyle skiing.

What size park skis should I get?

You can absolutely purchase a kids’ size park ski. However, take into consideration that it’s not always the best idea for your child to be learning on smaller equipment. The ski will be shorter and the boots will be tighter. This makes it harder for a child to have control and lift their legs high enough to clear gates. The risk of injuring themselves increases with smaller skis and tighter boots.

How long do park skis last?

Generally speaking, most ski manufacturers recommend replacing your skis every season. If you love getting out in the snow during the winter this usually isn’t a big deal. But now that I live in Washington State, the weather is often so bad, I just can’t justify getting out on the slopes more than a few times.

There’s nothing wrong with this, though, and you’re still able to keep getting a lot of use out of you ski gear. You’ll just need to make sure you take good care of it! Basically, think of your skis as a good pair of boots or a nice secondhand car. You get a lot of enjoyment out of them, but once they’re too beat up you probably won’t want to see them again.


Choosing the best park skis depends on a lot of factors. How are you going to use them? Are you looking for a new pair of skis or something you can use in a resort? If you are planning to use them on the mountain, you need to consider additional factors like what type of skier you are, how powerful you are and if you need special equipment to help you learn.

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Fischer Nightstick Skis MensBest OverallFischer Nightstick Skis Mens