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Powder skiing is where a skiers love of skiing meets the mountains love of powder. It involves skidding down the hill face on skis, burying your ski tips in the snow, and taking a ride down with the snow.

One of the most exhilarating feelings for a skier is to go down a mountain in powder. Like floating through the air.

This list of the Best Powder Skis for the money will help take the guesswork out of selecting the right pair of powder skis for your next ski trip!


Because everyone’s taste is different. Buying ski gear online can be a daunting, frustrating experience. You never really know if what you’re getting will live up to your expectations until it’s delivered, and then you may be stuck with it for up to a year for a return!

K2 Catamaran SkisBest OverallK2 Catamaran Skis
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1. K2 Catamaran Skis

Our rating: 9 / 10

K2 Catamaran Skis

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  • Super stable
  • Makes it easy to cruise
  • Very good turning radius
  • Wide and soft padding that makes it easy to avoid fatigue and cramps


  • You need to keep them waxed
  • They are a bit pricey
  • If you get larger ones they can feel a little unwieldy

These are designed for people that want to cruise and have fun. They are ideal for friends and family that want to enjoy some time on the mountain together. They can give you more stability in high speeds and challenging terrain.

The shape of them is pretty interesting as they create a wide base. This helps you to avoid sliding backwards. What is also really nice about these is the soft padding. This makes them perfect for kids and first time powder skiers that still have to get used to the sport. The padding also makes it hard to get fatigue or cramps.

2. Volkl 2020 Confession Skis

Our rating: 8 / 10

Volkl 2020 Confession Skis

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  • Built with the confessional rocker shape
  • It’s set on a Camaro core, which is a hybrid of a camber and rocker which makes for a great ski
  • It has 3D Aspen in the tip and tail of the ski
  • It’s really lightweight
  • The 2020’s have a really modern design; they look good
  • The price tag is beginner-friendly even though this is an intermediate ski

The Ernie Cope founded Voikl Ski Company in the early 1970’s. Since then they have gone on to be one of the most popular ski brands both on and off-track.

The 2020’s are a very fun brand of skis. They offer up a nice performance on-piste and in most snow conditions. They are a little thinner which makes them feel like skis at the higher end of the intermediate level. If you fall into this category, then you won’t struggle with the quality of skiing offered by these skis.

The C3 Light Core is another nice feature of this ski, which is their hybrid of camber and rocker.

3. Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Skis Mens

Our rating: 8 / 10

Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Skis Mens

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  • They are lightweight skis (1599g)
  • They have full wood core

Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Skis have been designed to be one of the best on the market – Featuring a full woodcore at the top of the ski and an alloy section at the bottom which helps the ski to perform well in all different snow conditions.

The Atomic Bent Chetlers are 100cms in length and are designed to be lightweight which is ideal for beginners and experts alike.

They offer a good turn radius making them easier to use for those who are still learning, and with the ability to turn on a dime and a responsive flex they can be used by those who are more experienced to create some high speed turns.

4. 2020 Elan Ripstick 116 Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

2020 Elan Ripstick 116 Skis

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  • Perfect for small skiers
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to grip
  • The in powder will help you get your new rider more balance and control
  • The moderate rocker makes it more stable and easier to turn than traditional skis
  • They’re very durable and can handle a lot of rides
  • Requires little to no tuning at the ski shop
  • Work amazing on the groomers as well
  • The tip is thin and, so will glide a long distance
  • You can fit a decent amount of wax on the top for better glide


  • They’re awfully slippery on a hard pack surface
  • If you are an adult looking for a cheap present for a small child, just purchase this type of ski
  • This might be a problem for a heavy person
  • You will need to dress warm and occasionally be on guard for bumps or hard patches of snow before turning

5. DYNASTAR Menace Proto F-Team Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

DYNASTAR Menace Proto F-Team Skis

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These skis are a great choice for those who like to jump and ski off a cliff. They have a sturdy construction thanks to the all-wood core, and there is the new Fresh Track system which improves grip as it practically guarantees you won’t slip and hurt yourself.

The skis come equipped with Dynastar’s Endurance Rocker profile which means they can easily carve on piste, and they are able to give stability in off-piste conditions.

6. Nordica 2020 Enforcer 110 Free Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

Nordica 2020 Enforcer 110 Free Skis

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  • Quite possibly the best all-around powder skis on the market
  • Provides an amazing ride in deep powder
  • This is a great ski for intermediate skiers
  • Has a great all mountain sidecut
  • Has an all mountain Rocker Profile
  • Has great edge hold for the conditions
  • Has a smooth edge on them that allows you to carve through turns
  • They have been designed with specific technology to keep the high speeds that you get in deep powder and to keep the ski in a consistent whole
  • These are great for beginners to intermediate skiers
  • They are very forgiving skis


  • They do not have a lot of flexibility
  • They do not exist in a lot of sizes so you may need to go one or two sizes larger or smaller depending on your foot size
  • They leave streaks in the snow when they are in soft or deep powder
  • They are not the best in really deep powder
  • They are hard to turn at slower speeds when you are in soft or deep powder

7. LA SPORTIVA Vapor Float Ski

Our rating: 6 / 10

LA SPORTIVA Vapor Float Ski

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  • Great, lightweight construction
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Multiple color options

The Vapor is one of the more lightweight boots on the market and is perfect for those fast runs through fresh powder.

They have a unique disc system that has a stiff sole similar to that of a hiking boot. This makes it they are easy to walk in and can be used with a wide range of ski types.

Also, the disc system makes them very adjustable. You can make micro adjustments to the boot and adjust the height to the binding, which helps create a more custom fit for your foot type.

8. Icelantic Nomad 115 Skis Mens

Our rating: 5 / 10

Icelantic Nomad 115 Skis Mens

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  • Solid all-around backcountry skiing and freeskiing, strong all-mountain feel
  • Efficient camber underfoot
  • Flex-friendly carbon tip
  • Phenomenal dampening from Metal Matrix Laminate (MML)
  • Wide waist gunnels
  • B.A.D. Rocker
  • Carbon & Kevlar Sandwich Sidewalls
  • 10 Degree Stance. Recommended lengths: 150-170cm
  • Best Backcountry skiing all-mountain ski for lightweight skiers/riders 121-130 lbs.
  • Moderate Flex

9. K2 2020 Mindbender 116C Skis

Our rating: 4 / 10

K2 2020 Mindbender 116C Skis

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  • Available at 116 or 128, your choice
  • Made in Japan, so it will last you for years
  • Has a great glide
  • Has a nice flex


  • What you would expect from a rocker, it turns slowly
  • The extra weight over regular skis means you’re going to have to buy a more expensive ski touring setup

Rocker skis are all the rage in the skiing community. They are making a big comeback and now some of the most popular skis are created with a mild rocker. K2 is one of those brands.

Coming in sizes 116 or 128 mm, these skis are excellent powder skis. They have a touch of rocker which means that they will be fantastic all-mountain skis, especially if you pick the size 116. The reduced contact patch on a rocker ski makes it float better on powder and gives it a higher stability.

K2 competes with Volkl in their selection of skis, and the two companies are providing the industry with some of the highest quality skis on the market. These may not be the best skis in the world, but at 120 bucks, they could be the best value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What skis are best for powder?

Powder skis are designed for powder. Specifically, they’re designed to float through deep powder. Long, lightweight skis are great for powder because as you ski through the powder you’re able to create more surface area to float on. All skis will float initially, but powder skis give you the most control in deep powder. Also, powder skis are usually wider and have more surface area on the bottom which will help you glide on soft snow.

If you’re going to use your skis in other conditions, look for a ski that is designed to be an all-around ski. This will give you the best performance in other conditions, but may not have the floatation you’re looking for in really deep snow. There have been massive improvements in ski technology over the last decade and skis used today are designed for a wide range of conditions.

Are longer skis better for powder?

Nope. Longer skis are better for carving, not powder.

Skis that are wider are better for powder and surfing. The wider ski allows for more control in the powder. Wider skis also have softer edges which makes for a more comfortable ride over choppy snow.

Do powder skis make a difference?

Personally, I think the Powder coat on a ski can make a huge difference when it comes to ease on the snow. It can definitely be noticed in powder and it’s worth the extra cost.

Are park skis good in powder?

Park skis are typically meant for riding groomed slopes. But they are great for powder skiing as well. Skis with a park bias will be narrow.

These skis will sink into the snow but still are stable when making turns. So it is possible to take advantage of park skis on powder days.


Last but not least, your skis should work for you to give you pleasure. Maintenance is also a part of that; if you can manage to keep them to yourself, all the better. As you probably know, all skis are not born the same, and each will fit you differently and take some getting used to. So shop carefully.

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K2 Catamaran SkisBest OverallK2 Catamaran Skis
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