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Finding the right ski/snowboarding backpack for your needs can be quite a challenge, especially when looking for a pack to fit a tablet, laptop, goggles, and other essentials. To help you on your search for the ideal pack, we’ve compiled a list of the best ski backpacks to get you on the mountain in comfort and style.

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 BackpackBest OverallBlack Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack
Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack PackBudget PickMubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack

1. Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack

Our rating: 9 / 10

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack

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  • Form-fitting and contoured design
  • Large goggle compartment
  • Detachable helmet carrier
  • Ventilation channels
  • Good quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors


  • Too large for some people
  • Not suitable for women although it is advertised for women
  • Straps need to be worn in for optimal comfort

Whether you’re headed out to the resort or on a tour in the backcountry, you can do so with plenty of gear on your back, thanks to the side-entry design and premium padding of the Black Diamond Dawn Patrol.

This generation of the packs brings us the 25L Dawn Patrol backpack, aimed at the women in backcountry skiing instead of the 30L, which is meant for men.

The Dawn Patrol 25 is still one of the largest packs in the women's lineup and comes with plenty of storage compartments.

2. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack

Our rating: 9 / 10

Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack

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  • It’s comfortable to carry with padded straps
  • 3 storage compartments as well as mesh pockets in the front
  • The insulation is well designed in the front and back
  • The bladder is protected from leakage, even when filled or turned upside down
  • Bladder holds up to 2 liters and is made from food-grade, BPA-free material
  • Fully breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Spoilt for choice – the backpack comes in 14 designs and colors


  • No insulation on the bottom of the pack
  • Water bladder is not PVC-free
  • Smaller size – carries only the essentials

This backpack offers a comfortable and form-fitting design which makes wearing it a pleasure. There are also plenty of colors to choose from, so it can meet your design requirements.

Although it has a lightweight and sleek design, it is on the smaller size. Take this into consideration before making a purchase.

It comes with three internal storage compartments and one in the front. The pack also boasts a 2-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated.

3. Dakine Heli Pack 12L – Women's (Ashcroft Camo, 12L)

Our rating: 9 / 10

Dakine Heli Pack 12L - Women's (Ashcroft Camo, 12L)

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  • Specifically designed to fit women
  • Safety whistle on the front strap
  • Insulated hydro sleeve
  • Goggle pocket lined with fleece
  • Thin profile


  • Diagonal ski carry of the pack is not ideal for longer skis
  • Manufacturers discontinued the insulated sleeve for the straw of a water bladder
  • Buyer beware: post on Amazon is for a female backpack, although it's advertised as a backpack for men

With the Dakine backpack, you'll be able to store many things despite its 12-liter capacity. However, it is still a sleek and slim-fit design that is specifically suited for women.

There is space inside for a water bladder; however, this redesigned backpack does not make accommodations for a water straw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size water bladder do I need for skiing?

If you plan on making a few runs with a day, then a 2+ liter water bladder will work great. This is the best size for the biggest of days or for those days where you may find yourself making a few more than a couple of runs. Packing enough water will be a breeze with a 2+ liter capacity.

Why do skiers wear backpacks?

Some skiers prefer to carry a backpack rather than a wrist carrier that is connected to their skis. While either is acceptable, I prefer a backpack. I’m a little more clumsy than I’d like to acknowledge! So the backpack allows me to carry the essentials without having to worry about dropping anything on the ground.

What brand makes the best backpacks?

A little secret: I used to work for a bag manufacturer, and I can tell you, it’s not about the brand. It’s about how well the outer fabric is stitched to the inner liner. It’s all about that grade of leather. It’s all about the straps. Those are the things that make all the difference.

It’s hard to beat a simple military-style backpack. It’s one of those classics no one ever seems to grow out of. You’ll find that most brand names use this design at their core, but it’s how they make it their own which makes the difference.

What is the best ski bag?

First of all, you’ll want to look for ski bags that are comfortable to carry, have plenty of space, and are made from durable materials. You may want one ski bag with wheels, depending on what type of skis you own. Some bags have wheels and pull-out handles. Some are just bags with backpack-like straps.

The most important part of a ski bag is that it’s spacious and comfortable. Next, you’ll want to consider the bottom of the bag and select something that will hold up well over time. Finally, you’ll want the ski bag to be well insulated so that you don’t end up with a bag of ice at the end of the day.


If you are into skiing or snowboarding and want to enjoy the experience with the least hassle and the lightest load, then our three top recommendations are just right for you.

Your backpack can contribute to making your skiing trip a pleasure or a curse. Remember that good-quality, durable materials are essential to ensure a good lifespan for your pack. Before you make a purchase, also calculate how much you need to carry so that you can determine the ideal capacity of your backpack.

Ultimately, your choice of backpack will be subjective to meet your personal needs and preferences. We hope this article gives you a starting point to guide you in your exciting purchase.

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Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 BackpackBest OverallBlack Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack
Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack PackBudget PickMubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack