Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet

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Hmm, your feet have already outgrown the shoes you just bought. It looks like it’s time to buy a pair of new and more suitable skiing boots. But where do you start?

What makes this decision even harder is that you have narrow feet. Your previous boots did nothing to support your feet and legs. But which details are important? This is an important decision, and you want to make sure you have all the facts about your new ski boots because it could be a costly mistake.

Atomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Men'sBest OverallAtomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Men's
Nordica 2021 Pro Machine 115 Women's Ski BootsBudget PickNordica 2021 Pro Machine 115 Women's Ski Boots

1. Atomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Men's

Our rating: 9 / 10

Atomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Men's

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  • Very lightweight
  • Made using Prolite technology to get to the optimal weight to performance ratio
  • 98mm last and equally slim heel pocket fit narrow feet perfectly
  • Energy backbone provides added strength
  • Memory Fit 3D Silver liner molds to the shape of your foot

= Cons

  • Not suitable for wider-than-average feet
  • Not designed for the novice skier

The Atomic HAWX Ultra 100 ski boot is the perfect option for a narrow foot and lower calf. It has a 98mm last and memory foam liner to ensure the perfect fit for an intermediate or expert skier with narrow feet.

At 1750 mg, this is one of the most lightweight ski boots on the market. However, the Prolite technology and energy backbone provide added strength where it matters.

The only downside to these ski boots is that wider-than-normal feet will not be very comfortable in these boots.

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2. Lange RX 80 W Low Volume Ski Boots 2020 – Women's

Our rating: 8 / 10

Lange RX 80 W Low Volume Ski Boots 2020 - Women's

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  • Last is 97 mm, making it a snug fit for narrower feet
  • 3D liner molds to perfectly to the lower leg, providing ample support
  • Dual Core construction ensures explosive power, snap, and rebound
  • Thinsulate is a synthetic insulator to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures


  • These ski boots do not have a walk mode
  • Their design is slightly wider than the previous design, which will be a shortcoming for some
  • They are narrow around the calf, which won't fit many people

This affordable ski boot is a great offering from Lange. Although the design is slightly more relaxed than its predecessors, it is still a good fit for a narrow foot.
Those that found the boot uncomfortable mainly experienced the problem with the leg being narrow.

They are perfect boots for intermediate skiers who require moderate flex and stiffness. The special Shin Control is provided by the 3D liner. The liner helps relieve pressure points while offering maximum support so that you can enjoy a full day of skiing.

3. Nordica 2021 Pro Machine 115 Women's Ski Boots

Our rating: 9 / 10

Nordica 2021 Pro Machine 115 Women's Ski Boots

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  • A 98 mm last measurement fits narrow feet well
  • Its design makes the boot feel secure and reactive
  • Has a stiff 115 flex and higher cuff aimed at expert shredders
  • Primaloft liner keeps your feet insulated and warm
  • You can choose from three colors


  • Only available in two sizes – 24.5 and 25.5
  • Only designed for expert skiers
  • Higher cuff does not accommodate all leg sizes

This ski boot is designed to meet the specific requirements of women skiers. Nordica provides a last width of 98 mm, which is ideal for low-volume feet.

The boot liner molds around the shape of your foot, and the cork material offers more support than foam.

This boot was designed with expert skiers in mind, and this is reflected in the price. However, its excellent comfort and performance are undeniable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which ski boots are best for narrow feet?

You certainly don’t want boots that are too narrow, as this will cause your feet to be too squashed and cause your toes to cramp. On the other hand, boots that fit too wide won’t provide the right amount of support, making your ride uncomfortable. I suggest you look for boots with stiffer flex for narrow feet. Additionally, if you are heavier or looking for performance over comfort, you might also be in the market for a higher flex option. Don’t forget the liner either! Make sure you buy an appropriately-sized liner for your boot.

What stiffness should my ski boots be?

Make sure you’re buying a boot that’s correct for you. Generally, stiffer boots are heavier and better for more aggressive skiing. Some boots offer a soft flex that is great for beginners. An important thing to remember is that stiffer boots require more energy to flex, and the flex should be correct for your level of skiing. Most boots are stiff at first. If they’re uncomfortable, remember that it will take time for them to break in and soften.

If you use the right boot for your level of skiing, you’ll consistently progress without developing painful muscle soreness or “boot neglect."

How do I keep my feet from hurting in ski boots?

Having narrow feet and boots can be a real problem when your feet hurt after a day of skiing. This usually happens because there is not enough volume in the boot. The trick is to get your foot in the boot. When you finally manage to get your foot in, squeeze it as hard as you can into the toe box. Make sure your toes are pushed into the front of the boot while pulling on the back of your foot. With your foot in place, lace up the boot as much as possible. You’ll feel some pain and initial discomfort, but once you’ve laced the boot up from the heel, you’ll be fine.

Why do my feet go numb in my ski boots?

Usually, your feet will start to go numb for one of three reasons:

  • Your boot isn’t properly sized
  • You’re wearing plastic boots that are too tight
  • You’re wearing the wrong type of socks

But fear not, there is a solution for each of these problems.

If your feet are going numb, you’re probably wearing some type of plastic ski boot instead of a harder shell. Your best bet to prevent this from happening is to invest in a pair of softer shell boots. Your other option is to wear two pairs of socks to provide extra cushion and insulation.


If you want to walk comfortably in your ski boots the day after they were fitted, you need high-quality boots that are properly sized. Knowing that you have narrower-than-average feet is a good starting point, as you will have specific requirements.

The top three picks in this article will give you some guidelines regarding the features and specifications you should look for in a ski boot.

A properly fitting boot will not only boost your performance, but it provides a level of comfort that will keep you on the slopes for the entire day.

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Atomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Men'sBest OverallAtomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Men's
Nordica 2021 Pro Machine 115 Women's Ski BootsBudget PickNordica 2021 Pro Machine 115 Women's Ski Boots