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With cooler temperatures and shorter days on the horizon, the winter season is upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about skiing.

While the thrill of hitting the slopes is something that can’t be duplicated, there’s something to be said about getting your kids all dressed up in their ski gear and hitting the slopes for the first time!

But it’s not always easy to know which gloves to get your little ones, especially when they’re approaching toddler and preschooler age.

We consulted various ski experts, read numerous snow reviews, and tested hundreds of pairs of mittens, gloves, and even snow mittens for kids of all ages to find these top contenders: The best ski gloves for kids.

MCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long CuffBest OverallMCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long Cuff
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Burton Kids' Vent GloveUpgrade PickBurton Kids' Vent Glove

1. MCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long Cuff

Our rating: 9 / 10

MCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long Cuff

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  • Huge selection of styles and colors
  • The gloves come with a bonus matching hat

MCTi has a variety of winter mittens across a number of different styles so you can easily dress your little one from the ground up.

These are 100% waterproof mittens and are insulated with warm sherpa lining. Not only are they incredibly warm, but they can easily be wiped clean.

There are a number of different styles to choose from, each of them featuring a unique design that is sure to look great on your little one.

2. Burton Kids' Vent Glove

Our rating: 8 / 10

Burton Kids' Vent Glove

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If you have kids in your family, then you’ve got to take them skiing at some point. It’s a family thing, and it’s not as difficult as it seems unless you’re new to the game. But if you’re new to the game, finding the best ski gloves for kids can be overwhelming.

The new Burton Kids’ Vent Glove Insulated Ski Gloves are the perfect addition to their ski outfits. The super soft insulation is really cozy, and the Velcro wrist straps make it easy for them to put the gloves on by themselves.

These gloves are flashy, comfortable, and warming. Wearing them means your children can enjoy their winter so much more. These gloves are thick enough to keep their hands warm, but not in the way.

3. Ski Gloves

Our rating: 8 / 10

Ski Gloves

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  • Windproof, waterproof, and perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sled riding, etc.
  • Easy to wear in and out, soft feel and comfortable
  • Easy to clean and comfortable to wear
  • Good warmth with no snow inside the gloves
  • Great rain proof, but we should wipe them clean when the gloves appear wet
  • Windproof, waterproof, good feeling gloves for skiing, hiking and driving
  • funny looking gloves (we need to make it a little longer for adult whilist still very warm)
  • Excellent gloves for winter skiing


  • Not fancy enough for everyday use, not very warm
  • There had been a concern over the durability of the knit in particular places, but over all, it’s a good buy
  • The Velcro strips are cheaply made, and it takes two people to close the gloves. Still, for the price it’s a deal
  • My daughter is a bit of a snow freak and believes that these gloves are the best she’s owned so far
  • They may feel a bit larger than the size you ordered But they do(not)really looks baggy

(3 Colors This Time)

4. Hot to Go Reusable Heat Packs

Our rating: 5 / 10

Hot to Go Reusable Heat Packs

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  • Works just as good as the ones you buy in the store
  • 4-pack so you’ll have spares just in case
  • Can heat up to a high temperature to warm your hands up
  • They are reusable, can be used for at least 12 times!
  • Lightweight and small, perfect for travel
  • Can be used in a variety of different situations, from pre-workout warm-up to heating up frozen smoothies on a chilly day
  • Great for back and shoulder injuries
  • Also, they can be used as ice packs
  • They can be used in the microwave oven, oven or freezer.


  • Don’t use in the microwave after heating them, let them cool first
  • Don’t store them in a warm place, they will melt

The Hot To Go Reusable Heat Pack provides you with quick, convenient, reusable warmth.

It is easy to use, as all you need to do is heat in either the microwave or oven and it can be used for at least 12 times.

It has a thick durable outer layer that is great for absorbing the heat and re-radiating it.

5. Obermeyer Kids Gauntlet Mitten

Our rating: 5 / 10

Obermeyer Kids Gauntlet Mitten

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  • Lightweight, waterproof material
  • Technology called Thermo-Guard Cuff
  • Layered insulation
  • Windproof
  • Ventilation
  • Fabric soft cuff on cuff
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Water repellent
  • Two-way Velcro-secured wrist strap
  • Lightweight insulation

Suitable for two teenage girls looking to trek across frozen tundras with each other, Obermeyer makes the best ski gloves for kids: The Obermeyer Kids Gauntlet Mittens. These are ski gloves designed to protect the hands from blizzard-like conditions with ease.

These mittens are insulated with three-layer insulation. This provides children warmth and comfort, regardless of how cold it gets. This 3-layer Gore-Tex insulation works alongside the thermal-resistant Thermo-Guard Cuff to keep out freezing winds, frostbite, and snow. That’s how these gloves keep your hands dry and warm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are good gloves for skiing?

You’ll want gloves that have a snug fit, are made of waterproof material, and offer good grip. Choose gloves that are both lightweight and durable. If your child is young, look for gloves that have a built-in mitten, or a cinch system that will keep them close to his hand. Gloves that go too far up the arm will make gripping poles difficult.

Also, think about getting gloves with a screen print. A screen print will allow you to text and use your phone while wearing your gloves.

What are the best ski gloves for warmth?

The best ski gloves are the ones that keep your hands warm. There’s not much more to it than that. Some gloves will be advertised as “warm,” and others as “waterproof.” But unless you’re going to be using your gloves while “sledding” down a mountain, you’re not going to need a waterproof glove. Most people think that waterproof means warm, but it’s best to have gloves that keep your hands dry and warm.

Let’s go into more detail about the specifics of what you’ll want to look for while you are shopping around:

Finding the best ski gloves for keeping your hands warm is really about having the right insulation and fabrics.

Is it better to ski with mittens or gloves?

The right gloves are key to making every element of your ski trip easier. When you’re first learning to ski or snowboard, a liner glove will be fine. However, once you’re ready to take to the slopes with confidence, it’s time to invest in a pair of high quality gloves. Ski gloves come in a variety of styles. Some are insulated and waterproof, while others are not. Some are very soft and flexible, while others are designed to be a bit tougher and, therefore, hold up better when you inevitably fall on your hand. Here are some things to consider when shopping for ski gloves.

It’s generally best to layer your skiing gloves, so you can easily take them on and off depending on how cold it is.

Gloves with removable liners are much more versatile, and help to keep your hands warm.

Are heated ski gloves worth it?

For an average skier, the heated gloves are a must? They will help make your skiing experience more enjoyable to be able to handle the cold well.

The gloves even when unplugged, will tend to warm by absorbing heat from your sking gear and body heat.

The heated gloves won't fail you toasty and warm.

If you have ever taken a ski trip, it is good to have a pair of gloves, as the cold outside will make you feel like freezing. So the heated gloves would normally be a good choice. But you have to get the facts straight that the heated gloves even when unplugged, will tend to warm by absorbing heat from your sking gear and body heat.


You know how it is “ you’re out shopping with your two kids and you stop at the sporting goods store. You grab a pair of ski gloves for your daughter and a pair of mittens for your son.

  • Your son has cold hands when he’s on the slopes.
  • Your daughter’s hands feel like ice cubes and you want to get some gloves that are lined so she can keep her hands warm when she’s on the hill.

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MCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long CuffBest OverallMCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Warm Sherpa Lined Long Cuff
Ski GlovesBudget PickSki Gloves
Burton Kids' Vent GloveUpgrade PickBurton Kids' Vent Glove