How to Mount and Adjust Ski Bindings

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Initial Considerations

Before you can learn how to adjust ski bindings, you need to know how to mount them first. Ski bindings are a great way to keep the skis attached to the boots, but there is a right way and a wrong way to attach them. If done incorrectly, there is a chance that the ski will malfunction and not allow the skier to maneuver as needed when skiing downhill. It can also cause accidents if they loosen in the middle of a downhill run.

Bindings are easy to mount, but getting them to stay mounted properly is what is difficult. There are updated methods for mounting ski bindings to keep them where they should be, but these methods are not widely used because they require special tools and slightly more technical ability. The standard method for mounting ski bindings is adequate for general, recreational use.

Mounting ski bindings properly is important, and in the next section, I will explain how to mount them correctly and a few tips that will help ensure they stay in place.

How to Mount Ski Bindings

There are various ski binding systems on the market today, and they all differ according to where binding attachment points are placed on your ski and how they are adjusted up or down the ski.

The following instructions are for mounting bindings that use the classic heel piece.

Mounting Location

Your bindings should be positioned correctly, and this will enhance your skiing experience. Ski bindings are positioned in two directions:

The first is fore/aft, which will alter the toe-to-heel distance.

The second is lateral, which will alter the width of your stance.

The precise positioning of your bindings depends on the type of skiing you do and the type of terrain you ski on. For example, on all-mountain skis, the bindings are positioned 2 to 3 centimeters behind the true center.

It’s recommended that you have your bindings positioned by someone experienced with that particular brand of bindings. If you’re unable to find someone available, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the best of your abilitie