My First Time Skiing Experience: Fall But Love It

Cori Gramms
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I was extremely nervous and excited to take the ski lesson in the Whistler ski resort in Canada. I have an adventurous spirit, but the thought of physical pain used to make me freeze. As a youngster, I was an extremely clumsy, weak and dreadful runner and as a result, I used to always end up with a lot of bruises and scars.

So naturally, my first day on the ski slopes was going to be a painful one. I was all alone this time and just couldn’t dare face anyone else if things went wrong. But I was pleasantly surprised!

The ski instructor at Whistler taught me all the basics I should know. I learned how to stop drifting to the left, how to stay balanced while skiing down a steep hill, how to turn, and everything else that was necessary.

As soon as I started to master the situation, I was feeling extremely confident. However, I was totally taken aback when I lost balance towards the end of the lesson. But this time, things didn’t end in injuries. To my amazement, the ski instructor caught me!

I was extremely elated, as my first experience with skiing was a brilliant one. In my case, first experiences do matter as I have never been skiing ever since and I am still dreaming of doing it once more.