What Are Demo Skis?

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The Basics of Demo Skis

If you’ve ever been to a ski shop, you’ve probably heard of demo skis. But what are demo skis and why are ski shops selling them?

The word “demo” comes from the automotive industry where it refers to a product that has been used in an official product review. In the case of ski shops, people lease demo skis to a shop for use in the shop for a certain period of time.

Since the shop can’t sell used skis, demo skis are cleaned and sent to another shop. There are usually three ways demo skis are used in a ski shop. The first is for rentals. The skis are waiting for rental customers by having their bindings installed on the ski and have been waxed to help prevent snow buildup.

The second way demo skis are used in ski shops is to let customers try out the ski before buying it. When customers are considering a purchase of a specific ski, the demo ski will give them the chance to try several skis to improve their decision making process.

The third and last way demo skis are used in ski shops is to show potential clients the features of the ski. Simply put, demo skis allow you to try before you buy.

When Would You Use Demo Skis?

If you are looking to buy a pair of skis, you should try some out to determine which one works for you before you make your purchase. But to evaluate different skis, you need to actually try them out for a good amount of time.

Sometimes, you may be more interested in the feel of a specific ski brand or model than any other product, but you are not yet sure which one to choose.

When this is the case, it is not always possible in a ski shop to try more models of the same brand or one of the same model. You may be more likely to purchase the first model you try out rather than shopping around for a very different product.

Thankfully, ski shops and manufacturers have around them a culture of demo programs that are designed to help customers and vendors take advantage of this opportunity. Ski shops offer demo skis and demo gear to customers, in exchange for return of similar items at the end of the season or rental fees.

The companies that provide the demo ski services get to know the quality of their products better, and customers find a way to test-drive the products they are most interested in becoming their next pair of skis.

Other Things to Know About Demo Skis

Boots, and Ski Package Deals.

There is so much to buying a ski set that it can all seem a little bit overwhelming! But you can cut the crazy amount of time and make a decision you will love by visiting a shop that deals with ski packages. There you’ll find demo skis, boots, and other accessories all available to you at the same place.

It’s common during the winter season for ski shop owners to receive a lot of their equipment through wholesale, meaning they have a lot of the same merchandise to sell at a reduced price. Rather than spending a lot of money on special packaging, the savings can benefit you!

There is no doubt that you will sample a variety of skiing equipment without the added pressure of having to buy what you don’t want. This is one of the reasons why demo ski packages, along with the skis themselves, are offered at discount prices. While you might not want to purchase it in the end, you can’t beat the idea of getting high end ski equipment at a cheap price!

If you take the time to look, you stand to gain from demo skis and other ski packages. This is especially the case if you are a woman, skier, or are looking for a set for your children’s first time skiing.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we concluded that demo skiing is a good opportunity to evaluate and try new equipment.

We also established that you need to take a warranty card (or, in the case of rented skis and snowboards, a signed rental agreement) that is valid over the course of several days to the shop.

We also discovered that if you buy a custom version rather than a rental, you are not barred from returning it later. Sometimes shops will buy back your custom-fitted product or offer a partial refund towards a purchase.

We then talked about how to pick the best out of an entire stable of demo skis. The first thing is to asking the advice of someone who works in a shop and has a good idea of your skiing ability. They will be able to recommend the right type of ski for your needs.

Finally, we talked about where you can demo ski. Nowadays, every ski resort offers demo days where you can try a wide selection of both skis and boards. This is great for people who are new to the sport, but experienced skiers and boarders can also benefit by trying out different brands, shapes, and sizes.