What Are Twin Tip Skis?

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Quick Look at Twin Tip Skis

Twin tip skis are skis with the two tips that are bent up just like how toboggans are shaped. These skis are similar to the alpine skis, but the edges on the twin tips are not sharp.

Twin tip skis are the best way to get an all-in-one skis for beginners or anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the other types of skis that need to be put together. They are the easiest to learn how to ski with and once you get the basics, just a quick change of the ski tips and you should be good to start carving some turns.

There are freeride skis, backcountry skis, powder skis and even specialized skis like the ski tour and the skimo. Most of these sports use twin tip skis. I’ve used the twin tip skis, and I am not a great skier at all … I found it easier to just ski on them … it feels more natural. More about this type of skis can be found on this page.

History of Twin Tips

The history of twin tip skis is actually intertwined with the history of snowblades. In the late-1920s, Toni Child and his brother Albert were pioneers in winter sports, particularly in alpine skiing. They were early and enthusiastic converts to the new alpine ski design that emerged in the early 20t century, which enabled snowflakes to glide down the mountain on skis rather than sleds.

In the mid-1930s, the Child brothers were also central to the emergence of twin-tip skis when they designed twin-tip skis for recreational snowflakes in Grand Teton National Park.

These early twin-tips had two distinct, non-symetrical designs: one for carving downhill and one for cross-country skiing. Because the cross-country variant was short in length, this smaller ski forced the snowflake to lean over more, especially when the carving variant was long in length.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, twin tips were widely used by recreational snowflakes, and the recreational and racing cross-country ski events both generally allowed twin tips.

However, by the end of the 1970s, the cross-country ski variant had been completely displaced by shorter skate cross-country skis, even in racquet events, and the use of twin-tip alpine skis for downhill skiing also gradually declined in their popularity.

Benefits of Twin Tip Skis

So, what are all the advantages of twin tip skis?

The main benefit of a twin tip ski is that you don’t have to change the boots when switching from skiing down-hill to skiing up-hill. The ski is just as good for climbing as it is for descending.

Most often, themost important factor to choose your perfect skiis the general shape of the ski.

Depending on the ski’s shape you can group them into two:

  • Flat skis
  • Nordic skis (or Telemark skis)

TT skis are a special version of slalom skis that canbe mounted with two bindings instead of one …the traditional and more efficient way. This gives you the ability to keep the same setup no matter if you go right or left.

The reason why TT skis are so popular nowadays is because of the versatility they offer. Their high performance makes them the perfect choice for any type of skier.

The most popular setup is made of two different size skis: the front ski is smaller than the back ski.

Some people say that you should also make the front ski shorter than the back ski, but in fact there is no clear evidence that this is a better option.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have a lot of time for the slopes but would still love to ski, twin tip skis may be just what you’re looking for. This versatile type of ski was born out of the necessity to create a ski that’s easy to learn on and use for a number of different skiing styles. These skis come with a wider heel and toe part, allowing you to use them on any surface.

So now you know exactly what twin tip skis are. Go ahead and check out the descriptions of some of the best models on the market and start planning your next slopes session.