Where is Apres Ski Filmed?

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What is Apres Ski?

Where is Apres Ski Filmed?

The Apres Ski show is filmed in Kitzbuhel, Austria. It is a ski resort with other activities, as well. The show focuses on the apres ski activities.

What is Apres Ski About?

Apres ski, a French term which translates to after ski, is a word used predominantly in North America and in Canada to describe the scene that takes place in mountain bars, cafés, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, discothèque, etc., at the end of a day of skiing and snowboarding.

The term is also used to describe a social, cultural, and at times highly alcoholic sub-culture that evolved out of the practice of organizing post-ski or, in some cases, post-snowboard parties in which skiers and snowboarders could wind down, party, and meet people.

If you’re looking forward to visiting some of the world’s most famous après ski destinations, here’s how to recognize après ski spots, the après ski bar or pub traditions in Europe and North America, and the après ski drink specials.

Final Thoughts

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